Cat Visits His “Favorite Place” At 7am Every Day, But Then They Found The Heartwarming Reason


That therapy animals – it is really useful, psychologists never tire of talking for a long time. Playing with a cheerful dog or cuddling with an affectionate cat, you can actually forget about your problems and at least relax a little.

A photograph taken at the beginning of class, straight cat back shows its desire and willingness to learn, but within 30 minutes he was overcome by boredom, and he falls into a deep sleep … But seriously, we can’t blame him. And apparently some animals too, understood the value of such therapy.

Meet the cat Out of the Campus. Seriously, they call it Campus cat. He lives, as it follows from the nickname, on the territory of the University of Augsburg (Germany), and for students is a real therapist. Cat From Campus come to the University every day to help students relax for a while from the bustle of training and examinations.

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