Dog Falls in Love with a Cat


Though this kitty does not look like a regular pet, the dog that is living with her in the house is literally obsessed with the feline. The owner says that they go everywhere together, and we think that this couple deserves to make a sensation very soon. The lady that found the kitten created a special profile on Instagram to make sure that the fans know about her achievements, and the sweet relationship that Willow is having with Ella the dog is going to make you swoon.

The story of the unlikely friendship began when the teacher from Florida found a kitty on her doorstep. She was running errands that day, but when she came out of the house, she saw that the feline was standing all alone with no one to take care of her.

The woman claims that the little one has the sweetest face she has ever seen, so it was impossible for the lady to walk past and not take the kitty as a company. At first, the teacher decided that she is going to bring Willow to the vet for thorough examination, but later, the woman was told that she can’t take the feline to the animal center because of her unconventional looks.

According to the vet, people want to adopt healthy animals, and Willow’s unusual face was going to make her stand out among the others. Though the little one does not fit into the standards of beauty that exist for the cats, she is still the favorite in the family along with her friend Ella. The teacher found out that the kitty has a chromosomal abnormality.

This is the reason she has such a curious face, and we think that it only adds charm to the overall appearance of the animal. There are not many people who would adopt Willow if they had a chance, but the lady who found her knew that she is not going to leave her alone, that’s why she did her best to make sure that the cat is okay.

Of course, she had to find out whether the dog and the feline are going to get along as soon as they were introduced to one another. The woman says that she was immensely relieved when she saw that Ella the Boxer is becoming very protective of her new friend and would follow her anywhere.

The teacher thinks that this connection is indeed precious, and we believe that the duo is one of the most adorable that you will ever find on the social media. The woman noticed that the cat started copying Ella’s behavior whenever they were playing together, and this means that the little one was not sure whether she belongs to cats or dogs.

It is known that some of the pets adopt the manners of the animals they are growing up with, which results in pretty funny cases that can be found across the world. Right now, Willow and Ella prefer to stay in the same room for hours. There is harmony in their relationship that is going to be appreciated by the viewers. Check out the unusual feline below and prepare to be smitten by her friendship with the pooch!