Duck Steals Cat’s Treats, But His Payback Has The Internet Howling With Laughter


When a cat and his human are relaxing on a park bench, they don’t expect a mischievous duck to come along and steal their treat bag. But this duck didn’t realise just who he was messing with as the cat springs into action.

We always wonder what is going through the minds of animals, so Aaron at Aaron’s Animals takes matters into his own hands and creates videos that explore the imaginary lives of animals. And the videos are hilarious!

In his latest video, a cat sets out to win back his treat bag from a gang of ducks who have stolen them. But when the cat is faced with the obstacle of a river, Aaron comes up with an ingenious plan to help the kitty take back what is his.

The video is ridiculous and hilarious and you can’t help but root for the cat throughout his quest to get back his beloved treats.

Aaron uses his real cat for his videos and the pair have many funny scenarios together on his Youtube channel. This one has to be one of the best and brightened up my morning hugely.

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