Every Day At 6AM They Were Woken By Noises


If you have children then you’re used to being woken up every morning to the sound of a child knocking on your door or shouting in the next room. But when you have a pet, you probably expect that you’ll get a bit more peace. You couldn’t be more wrong…

Cats are known for being incredibly intelligent creatures and this kitty is living proof of this fact. Tired of waiting for his owners to wake up in the morning, he concocts a brilliant plan to make sure that they wake up whenever he desires.

Closing the bedroom door for some peace and quiet as they slept, the owners thought that they were in for a nice lie in. But this mischievous kitty had other plans. Clearly, purring at the door hadn’t been working for him, so he took more drastic measures to get attention.

The parents managed to catch the cat in action, on camera, by leaving it propped outside their door. There’s no way the cat can deny it now; he’s been caught in the act.

This family obviously don’t need an alarm clock. All they need is this demanding cat to tell them when they should be waking up in a morning. Or maybe they should just let it come in and cuddle up with them, if they would like some quiet.

Watch the video below to see the cat’s hilarious antics. It’s safe to say that we know who runs this house!

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