This Family Finds A Frozen Kitten In The Snow. What They Record Surprises Even Them


When Branden Bingham and his family went outside to play on Thanksgiving, the last thing they expected was to find a nearly-dead kitten lying in the snow. Quickly, they scooped up the creature and headed inside, hoping to give it a second chance at life. This video captures the amazing rescue.

It was after one of the Bingham children almost tripped on the half-frozen kitten that they even realized that it was there. Branden’s younger brother Justin picked it up and brought it inside to the warmth. Fortunately, Justin had taken veterinary classes at BYU, so was familiar with giving animals CPR. He spent an hour trying to resuscitate the animal. Yet, after time it was seeming that it was too late.

But then, a miracle happened… Suddenly, the kitten came back to life! One of Branden’s cousins later adopted the kitten and named it “Lazarus.” If it weren’t for the quick thinking family that refused to give up hope, that kitten may not be here today.