Farmer Assumes His Cat Has Had Kittens


In a small town in Ireland called Clara, a young couple experienced one of the most amazing stories that we’ve ever heard. Ronan and Emma are married and own a small farm that they tend to, in addition to their day jobs.

Their small farm features all your farm favorites: cows, sheep, cats, dogs, and of course chickens. While they were in love with their animals they felt as though they were missing something, and they decided that something was a duck!

So the next day, the couple went out and purchased a duck! They were thrilled about their newest farm member and became even more excited when their duck laid eggs. They couldn’t wait to see little yellow ducklings wandering around the farm.

One day right after they were born, Emma walked out to check on the ducks. But as soon as she turned the corner into the barn where they were, she gasped! The ducklings were nowhere to be found! She ran to her husband and that’s when both of them saw something terrifying; they saw one of the barn cats scurry away with a duckling in her mouth!

Emma and Ronan ran after the cat but as she turned back toward them, Emma noticed something interesting. The cat had a very loose grip on the duckling. That’s when they realized that the cat wasn’t going to eat the baby, but she was carrying it as though it were her own kitten. Emma and Ronan were so intrigued and needed to see more, so they quietly followed the cat.

When they turned the corner, they were shocked at what they were looking at; the cat had taken all four of the new ducklings and was cuddling them as though they were her own babies. But that’s not all! When Emma got closer, she realized that there were kittens in there as well!!

She couldn’t believe her eyes but the cat was nurturing the ducklings along with her own litter of kittens! Emma said that the kittens couldn’t have been more than a couple hours old. This led Emma to believe that the cat was experiencing high levels of new mother hormones. “The way she cared for them so gently, it was like she needed to cuddle anything that was small and soft and cute.” How amazing is that?! The cat even began nursing the ducklings!! Truly, she was raising them as her own. Emma and Ronan were relieved to see their ducklings in such good hands and quite enjoyed seeing a cat try to raise ducklings as her own young.

Eventually, the ducklings outgrew the kittens and the mama cat got frustrated with their independence. While they outgrew the cat’s nurturing, they still had a sweet relationship with her and always showed her love when they passed each other on the farm. If this isn’t the most remarkable story, I don’t know what is!! Check out the video, below, to see real footage of the cat nursing and nurturing the ducklings!