For Many Years Lion Was Kept In Chains


Mufasa the circus mountain lion spent 20 miserable years trapped in chains and shuffled to cities all around Peru. That was until Animal Defenders International (ADI) intervened and gave Mufasa a new chance at life!

When Mufasa wasn’t shackled away and confined to his cold metal cage, he was being abused by trainers who used painful whips, chain collars, constricting muzzles, electric prods, hooks and other horrific tools to get him to do the tricks they wanted. When ADI got word of Mufasa’s situation, they acted fast. He wasn’t going to suffer one more day!

The volunteers entered Mufasa’s cage cautiously, but it was easy to see that the abused animal was totally numb to his surroundings. They were able to remove his chains without incident and headed off to the Peruvian forest where Mufasa’s new shelter is located. After a solid night’s sleep, Mufasa was let out into nature and he instantly came to life. He has a long way to go with his mental and physical recovery, but now that Mufasa has the perfect forever-home, things can only go up!