She Found An Abandoned Kitten Lying In A Puddle Of Gasoline, And He Turned Out To Be A Miracle


Fluffy ball found a two-legged friend and now clings to him like Velcro. “Clarissa is not familiar with such a thing as a private space,” – said Jesse, foster father of a kitten-tabby. Some time ago my friend Jesse got to his house a pregnant cat.

He wanted to save the poor girl from falling asleep in the shelter and take care of her future children. She is the kitten of the litter that the cat. When she has grown so much that he was ready to move, Jesse and his girlfriend opened the door of his house, in front of a small tabby.

It was love at first sight. Have of a couple of already was two foster cats – Alice and Buffy. But the tiniest member of the family became extremely clingy!

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