Funny Cats Meeting Cute Puppies For The First Time


Dogs and cats are eternal enemies. So I think we, the people, but is it really? The author of this video decided to conduct an interesting experiment. In empty room brought two cells, in one were kittens, and in the other — puppies. When the containers are opened, a shaggy-haired brethren, a little hesitation, rushed to explore new territory. Young researchers studied every inch of the room, they ran and jumped.

Deserves special attention the reaction of animals to each other! They are more like kids, not like animals. It is unlikely you will be able to avoid action between the Pets under the title “Who’s boss”. The struggle will be fought for any place in the house. Even the seat on your lap. So be prepared for the fact that, while your Pets will get along, peace in your home will not.

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