Kitten Excited to See Baby Deer


Between a cat and a small deer arose a strong friendship. In the house of this man was an unusual event – the ginger cat made friends with a young fawn. What could be more affectionate?

The photograph in which two furry little friend pressed against each other, already scattered around the world and invariably causes a pleasant surprise – between a cat and fawn felt kind of special connection.

A pretty couple was photographed by a blogger who could not pass by spending a great time together with a red cat and a little reindeer. It all started with the fact that one day the reindeer hid in the shade of the scorching sun, and he accidentally approached a cat who also lives in the zoo and who also does not like the heat.

After this time the animals are almost never parted, as told to the author of the video. Cat and deer love to spend time together and wonderfully affectionate to each other, not even noticing the other animals at the zoo – real miracles.

Deer is a group of clumsy animals belonging to the family of deer of the same name. In total there are about 25 species of deer. Their closest relatives are ROE deer, moose, and very distant… giraffes. Deer eat a variety of plant food — branches of trees and shrubs, herbs, various fruits (acorns, chestnuts, nuts, fruit), sometimes eat lichens, berries and mushrooms.