Kitten Keeps Her Shy Brother Comforted After They Were Found Abandoned in a Yard


Nearly two months ago, two little kittens were found in a yard without a mother. They had been left behind at the property, and all they had was each other.

The home owner found the kittens and took them to a shelter in Philadelphia (ACCT Philly). The brother and sister duo was so young that they would need to be bottle fed around the clock. Shauna, a long-time foster, stepped up to help.

Shauna came to the shelter and met the kittens in their foster department. “I remember them being so small and vulnerable looking, but as soon as I touched them, they screamed! That’s how bottle babies let you know that they’re hungry,” she told Love Meow.

The kittens were about two weeks old. They were dirty and underweight. “It took a few days to get them on track eating from the bottle, but pretty soon they were gaining weight regularly and really thriving.”

When they finally had their bellies filled, they started purring.