Leopard becomes violent every time someone approaches him


The leopard in the video below has suffered a lot in his life. The former zoo that held him captive, abused him in such a way that he ended up hating the entire human race. Diablo refused to have any interaction with humans whatsoever, even if they had his best interest at heart. He growled at everyone that passed through his cage. His caregivers were starting to get worried because of this. They didn’t know how they could gain his trust back. That’s when they decided to call Anna Breytenbach.

Anna is an animal communicator. The new owners of the leopard hired her to see if she could understand him and help him ease into his new surroundings. According to Anna, she has been practicing animal communication for 12 years, across various continents.

She is an interspecies communicator and claims that she can convey messages to animals. It seems farfetched, but the video below just might make you believe. It is extraordinary!

This following clip shows Anna communicating with the black leopard. Diablo always kept to himself, but after a session with Anna, things began changing. She revealed the abuse he endured in the past, and she says he also told her he wasn’t happy with the name they had given him, as it held bad meanings. So, his name was changed from Diablo to Spirit. The leopard slowly turned into a totally different animal! Check out this unbelievable clip below! Share your thoughts in the comments!