Mama Cat Heard Motherless Puppy Crying For Help


They say that the parent is not the one who brought the baby into this world, and the one who is worthy of raised. Unfortunately, today many children are left without parental love and warmth. It happens not only we, the people, but also brothers our smaller.

This puppy rejected by its mother. But he was incredibly lucky, his “adopted” the one who is his eternal enemy a cat. Fortunately, animals are not like humans. Now the baby lives with his new family, with new brothers and sisters.

First, when the kitten grows up, the mother cat, in principle, no longer feel a maternal interest in him. She starts in heat and are planning a new litter of kittens.

Cat-the daughter becomes a direct competitor, the cat-son, low-ranking, and potentially weak, and even a relative (i.e. by default a less attractive partner) and the mother tries to rid himself of the offspring that would do well.

But if suddenly it turns out that the male only one, though a relative, and the territory and food enough for a few females, and the mother and daughter managed to make friends and, in principle, animals are not conflicting, then it can exist all together.

But living in colonies of cats usually grouped together on the basis of kinship, usually more or less adult males in the colony – the descendants of the local females, young people so much and she is so “harmless”.