Men Gives Stray Cat Some Food


A mother’s love is unconditional and infinite. They always put their children’s needs in front of their own. They are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their children. They will go hungry rather than keep their children starving. Just take a look at the kitty in the following video. She is a prime example of motherhood.

The people who took this video tried to feed her some food, but she refused to eat it. They tried again and she would not eat, but when the cat noticed a bag of food, she really wanted it, so they let her take it with her.

This was puzzling them a lot—why would she keep refusing to eat something delivered right to her.

They decided to follow her back and see what she was doing with the food and when they saw what she was doing it just melted everyone’s hearts. This sweet cat mom had a heart of gold and let her last kitten eat first every meal. They went on to save the kitty’s life and her kittens as well. It was a really happy ending for this cute and dedicated mom!