No One Knows Why This Cat Named Keys Just Loves Throwing Her Paws in the Air. Have a Look


Cats by their very nature are curious creatures. We often only surprised by their antics. At first glance, they are just lovely, fluffy lumps, but if you watch them for a while you can learn a lot of interesting things! Cats have a lot of ways to communicate, but basically, if a cat wants something from us, it meows. For example, when she wants to say: “I’m hungry,” “Pay attention to me,” she makes a kind of sound.

Unlike dogs that always give the same barking, cats know how to use a different tone and volume level of their sounds, so they know how to manipulate us better, getting what they want. It is not customary to think of cats as emotional creatures, because their faces do not possess mimic capabilities, like a human, a monkey or a dog, that can convey the feelings of a cat.

However, in order to survive, the cat must feel fear, joy, and disappointment, assessing the surrounding conditions. Depending on the result, the cat develops its own style of action, allowing to integrate itself into the surrounding reality, and adjusts the tactics of the struggle for survival. It is quite difficult to read the emotions of cats.

They do not look like dogs who will jump with joy and wag their tail always when the master returns from work. Cats — masters in the ability to hide their emotions, they are able to express irreproachable indifference to everything, regardless of mood. However, many cat owners can say that cat affection is obvious when the cat starts to patch, grumble and rub off the leg. This behavior is similar to that of a cat hugging you in its own way.

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