No One Knows Why This Cat Named Keys Just Loves Throwing Her Paws in the Air. Have a Look


The cat is perfectly balanced, coordinated, flexible and powerful, which allows her to live in three dimensions, silently hunting and hiding from dangers. Flexibility also allows the cat to keep its coat in excellent condition, effectively caring for itself. Pet owners know that each pet is unique. Everyone has a “zest.” This makes them so special and it’s wonderful!

For example, this black and white cat Keys became the star of the Internet due to one very strange feature — she likes to sit with her paws up. Her owner posted photos in one English-language forum, and now they have flown around the world. He does not know what the kitty really wants to say with this gesture, but thinks that she wants caresses and hugs the way she does.

Therefore, when he sees Keys with his paws up, he immediately comes to her, takes her in his arms and hugs. Its owner Peter Mares said that he saw it one morning and quickly grabbed his camera to capture this moment. The next morning the cat did the same, and the man rewarded her with what she loves most — coconut oil.

Now it’s become so commonplace that Keys immediately raises her paws up when she sees the camera in front of him. The cat with the raised paws became an Internet meme and now users actively use the funny habit of a cat to create a photojack. And what do you think about this? What is the reason for this unusual behavior of the kitty?