Rare Two-Face Kitten Has Grown Up To Be A Cat


Even though Narnia’s strange appearance may remind some of you of the popular Batman villain Two-Face, we assure you her looks is where all the similarities end. The adorable British short-hair was born on May 28th 2017 and immediately stood out from the rest of her litter with her rare two-tone color scheme.

The blue-eyed beauty have been living in France all this time but it wasn’t until the recent photos taken by the photographer Jean-Michael Labat that she became world famous. One look and you’ll see why. Narnia may have been a cute kitty, but as an adult she’s utterly stunning. As unusual as her appearance is, it’s not exactly unheard-of. Animals with this sort of look are known as “chimeras”.

Scientists believe chimeras’ development start early in gestation when two embryos are fused into one and continue developing into one fetus. Chimerism exists in humans too but since human siblings don’t vary in color a lot, it’s usually manifested through heterochromia (two different eye colors) Needless to say, when it comes to felines, especially ones as stunning as Narnia, the results are quite breathtaking.