She’s 102 And Wanted A To Adopt A Cat. When THIS Happened, Everyone Burst Into Tears


After falling in love with him at first sight, 102-year-old Iona took Edward home with her to start a new life. Though they were decades apart, Edward’s adoption was truly meant to be for Iona.

Iona L. walked into the shelter looking for her next companion, and waltzed out with a very cuddly Edward in tow. He was a cute 2-year-old kitten she had just adopted from Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

After her cat passed away, Iona’s son thought a trip to the animal shelter would give her a chance to connect with a new friend. Plus, it could help a lonely pet find a forever home!

Barbara Bates, the animal coordinator at the shelter, was tickled pink when she saw Edward make a beeline for Iona. He quickly snuggled next to her, as if he’d known her forever. Edward’s coat of fur even matched Iona’s winter coat! This connection was definitely meant to be.