She sings a lullaby to her kitten and he sings along before falling asleep!


The owner has shown how artistic the cat lives at his house: two of them at the time in a circus act – he sings, she’s on backing vocals. Although this song was sung in an incomprehensible language for many, still this video attracts the attention of many who at least for a second stayed to listen.

The main hero of this Duo can be considered the most charming and fluffy party-red cat. The animal in the subject sings mewling that there is no doubt that she understands the meaning of the song and sings along in good faith. In the end, this simple song was very cute and funny.

We recommend everyone to enjoy this short, but so exciting video. The composer Henri Sauget was amazed to discover that his cat Cody was ecstatic when Debussy’s works were performed on the piano.

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