Sleeping Cat Hears His Human Coughing


The man coughs, and the cat he sings. The secret is not what the ear hears, and reacts or does not react to the nervous system. Let’s not allow the textbook examples of a man sound asleep under the roar of cannon fire, but instantly waking up from a whisper of their child.

If the cat does not react to sounds, this does not mean that she does not hear them. The sound waves won’t hide or disconnect.

The cat’s ear continuously perceives sounds in the frequency range from 0 to 60,000 Hz with sensitivity many times higher than human (no one even counted how many times). Don’t need loud music – even the quietest whisper our cat hears like we scream.

And yet we are not afraid to speak loudly, when the cat is sleeping. But still, still “kitty” will certainly Wake her.

This property of perceived information is called “pragmatics” -it determines whether to react by any action or not. It depends on the development of certain processes in the nervous system. And if the nervous system is not OK, then involuntary reaction to the sound becomes a symptom of neurasthenia in animals.

Cats are particularly cautious by nature, often afraid of certain noises such as the doorbell rings, some knocks, the sound of a vacuum cleaner or noise from dropping heavy objects.