Stray Cat and Two Kittens Comes To My Place


A street cat found on the porch of the house, brought 2 fluffy lumps. These babies were saved by the people who found their mother on the back porch of her house, where she found refuge. They called the shelter, saying that they found a pregnant cat who lived on a small porch in the middle of winter.

She already had 2 six-month-old kittens she was taking care of, and she was expecting new ones that could be born from day to day. Immediately we will stipulate such a question:” problem “or” non – contact ” cat-not necessarily a cat, taken from the basement or shelter.

The domestic cat initially focused on person, not afraid of him, and therefore behaves quite adequately. There is also a possibility (and quite large) that the “street” cat the first time will remember your tray, bed and bowls, and settles under the covers to warm the owner’s feet the first night.

Behavior problems may appear in any animal. Even have cats, which was born and grew alongside man. Cause of cat-like “riots” most often is stress or the negative associations and unpleasant memories.

The fact that each animal has a so-called sensitive (sensitive) periods in life when he formed certain behavior skills with the surrounding world. The same applies to relationships with people.