This Stray Cat Broke Into a Zoo and Became Best Friends With a Lynx


A few months ago, we got really excited when an amicable meerkat befriended a husky, because unlikely animal friendships are what we live for. Today, we’d like to highlight a new animal friendship. It’s not quite as surprising as a husky and a meerkat, but we promise it’s just as adorable and heartwarming.

It all began when a homeless calico cat made her way into the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Zoo, according to KFOR. The stray found food in a lynx’s enclosure, and the lynx accepted the cat into her life. Soon enough, they became besties. Watch the video above to see this dynamic duo in action.

A stray cat somehow managed to fall into the lynx’s enclosure at the St. Petersburg zoo. Zoo-goers witnessed the whole thing and worried as the lynx approached the frightened cat.

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