Stray Kitten Walks Up To A Man Asking For Food


You see this tiny, hungry stray kitten? Well, she walked right up to a skateboarder and asked for some food and love – the man wasn’t able to resist! Let’s face it, no one could have resisted her charms.

This is Margot, the kitten. Casey Shaw said he found Margot while he was out skateboarding. She wasn’t timid at all, she just walked right up to him.

She was filthy and was sneezing and sniffling.

On of Margot’s favorite things is to be carried around on her back, just like a baby.

Luckily, Margot received the life she deserved but there are other stray cats and dogs that need help with her savior! A year after the rescue, Margot has grown into a gorgeous cat with an incredible fluffy tail!

Casey picked up the kid just in time as there was a storm on the next day. Casey got a crate from his car and took her right to the vet.

Margot had an upper respiratory infection, and eye infection, and mites.Casey was able to get her everything she needed, and in just a few days she was a healthy little kitten.

The kitten, probably, would not survive under it.

The transformation of Margot is amazing. Just watch how she looks after the year of good life.