The Cat Saved the Newborn Pup as he was Dying


Traditionally cats and dogs are considered enemies, however sometimes in nature occur quite perishing unbelievable cases. Can you imagine a cat being able to become a mother to an orphaned puppy?! Matter how a cat named Larnet (from the Cleveland Animal Shelter) feeding their babies, did not immediately understand that among the tiny kittens wormed puppy Pitbull…

“Puppy came into the shelter a few days ago. He is only a week old and he needs a mother’s love. That’s why we decided to try to put it to Larnet, who recently had kittens.

Surprisingly, everything went very smoothly, and the cat took the puppy into the family”, — says the employee of the shelter Sharon Harvey.

The first time he saw the puppy, Larnet slowly sniffed it. Of course, she realized that it was not another kitten, but the puppy was so helpless that Larnet are unable to stay away.

He was admitted to the family, and the shelter staff gave him the name Nolan. “We are very worried about the fate of Nolan. The fact that in cases when the puppy is left without a mother in the very first minutes of his life, the mortality among them is very high.

Many newborn puppies refuse to eat from the bottle, and therefore doomed. Fortunately, Nolan now has Larnet, who feeds and cares about him.