The Mailman Was On His Rounds


Mailmen have had an ongoing issue ever since they first started delivering letters and packages to our doorsteps. It seems that they often have a struggle with the animals that call those delivery locations home. This has traditionally been true of dogs but it seems that there is another animal that is now entering the struggle as well; the family cat. This video is a testimonial for what all postal carriers must go through but it is also something that is going to make you smile from ear to ear.

This story is from a postal carrier who is cautiously walking up to the next house to deliver the mail. As he is approaching the door there is a shape in the window that seems to be watching him.

It is the family cat and as he gets close, the feline jumps from their perch and runs to guard the mail slot. What happens next is not only hilarious, it is totally unexpected.

The postal carrier tries several times to get the mail in the slot but each attempt is confronted by two feline paws moving as fast as lightning. He wonders how he is going to get the mail through and at one point, he almost has his hand pulled through the slot in the process. It seems that this cat is bent on stopping the mailman from making his appointed rounds but in the end, the mailman wins out (sort of).