They Adopted Orphaned Baby Deer


We’ve seen our share of unusual animal friendships but without a doubt, this one tops them all.

Meet Hoppy the deer. This orphaned baby became quite a celebrity after he’s been rescued by a Quebec couple Amanda and Tony. He was found hurt and alone and they did what most people would not have done.

They decided to nurse this little guy back to health and treat him like a part of the family. That is exactly what he has become.

National Geographic even did a documentary about Hoppy, his daily routine as a part of a human family and the people’ reactions to the strange neighbor.

Even though Hoppy’s more than thankful to his human parents for saving him, it seems he’s particularly fond of his animal sibling. He and the couple’s cat spend hours lounging in the bedroom, exchanging kisses and grooming one another.

This adorable deer truly touches my heart. When most people would have just ignored the little fawn, this couple went over and beyond to insure its survival.

Watch this heartwarming video below: