She Thought A Massive Dog Was Lying On Her Porch. But When She Went Closer? Yikes!


Kathy Inman got up one morning and walked out to her front porch. From the other side of the window in her door, she thought that she saw a dog laying outside. She tapped on the window and the “dog” turned around to reveal itself… It was a mountain lion.

That will certainly wake you up in the morning. The entire family was excited and scared to see such a large creature right there on their doorstep. Of course everyone had to go take a look, but then they called the authorities so that the issue could be safely handled.

The mountain lion herself was entirely unaware of the commotion that was going on inside the house. She just wanted to lay down and take a good nap on the porch. She paid almost no attention to the humans around her at all.

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