Tiny Kitten Was Having A Bad Dream. Now Keep Your Eyes On Mommy… Adorable!


The footage is an idyllic picture, sleeping cat-mom and next to her a very small kitten. But the baby sleeps uneasily, his feet suddenly begin to twitch – he was apparently having a nightmare. Sensing this, the mother cat is hugging her child, holding it to her – and the kitten calms down, continuing to snore peacefully.

Scientists believe that an adult needs an 8-hour sleep to recuperate. And how much you need to sleep your kitten? It is not known what domestic cats spend their energy on, but on average their sleep is twice the norm of a person and is 16 hours.

Sleep little kitty even longer. So, how long does a kitten sleep? A simple answer to this question is impossible. Newborn kitten sleeps an average of 23 hours a day, interrupting only for the period of meals.

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