Tiny Kitten Cries For Someone To help Her


A resident of Florence, USA, brought the vet homeless kitten, saying that the animal is apparently injured. It turned out that infected wounds is a huge larvae of the gadfly as he climbed under the skin of the face and neck. At its core, the insect but not quite normal. It differs from other two-winged insects by its reproduction feature.

The fact that for carrying his offspring, she uses mammals: the most common cattle and horses, but may well make the walls and under the human skin. Larvae of the third stage begin to pupate in the morning. Larvae that have fallen out of the body of cattle, while inactive and in the pupation phase they are given from 2 to 7 days.

The development of pupae occurs on average within a month. Extracts the middle intestine of the larvae of stage I (subtypes string and pediatric) are characterized by strong dermatofitosis property that facilitates penetration through the skin of animals.

Further to the tissues of the back and it turns out there in the form of large painful nodules. These sores are then opened, and in each there is a larva breath. Filled with the tissues of the animal, the Mature larvae fall out of the nodules to the ground, where they pupate.

Over time, the doll gives you the opportunity to receive adult large insect, and the chain of development is repeated again. In addition to endless pain, deliver the animal, the larvae completely devalue the skin of cattle, as it is utterly perforatum.