Trapped Fox Cub Patiently Waits For Help


The world’s wildlife has struggled for years avoiding dangerous obstacles that humans have created. One of the big reasons we shouldn’t litter is because of what leftover plastic could do to small animals.

So when this baby fox managed to get itself caught up and tangled in a football net it was a wake up call to Wildlife Aid’s viewers that even things we don’t commonly think of can pose a danger to animals.

Luckily for this adorable young fox the team at Wildlife Aid were alerted to its plight and took the time to free the scared baby. The cub’s leg was terribly tangled up in the ropes and was likely injured as a result, so a man carefully cut the ropes to release it with minimal extra damage.

It’s amazing how many hazards wildlife comes across which we just don’t consider to be hazards.

The Wildlife Aid worker goes on to say how 70% of young foxes don’t even make it to their first birthday. This is likely due to hazards similar to the one in this video, cars and hunting.

The fox cub looks up gratefully at the man freeing it with large eyes that exude its gratitude. It’s hard to not want to scoop up and cuddle the gorgeous baby better!

It is quite an operation removing the little fella from the net but eventually they succeed and pull the fox free. After checking him over for wounds they deem him healthy and release him back into the wild.

Hopefully the little rascal will manage to keep himself out of trouble long enough to be one of the 30% of foxes who make it to the age of one!

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