Two Kittens Discuss Their Obsessions


When you think Irish Pub, kittens usually aren’t the first thing that you think of. Well this hilariously adorable TV commercial for Jake O’Connor’s might change that.

Sitting with a friend, relaxing over a glass of beer can be strangely therapeutic? That’s the time when you enjoy yourself, release you inhibitions, vent out and let emotions come out. It helps if your best bud is by your side listening to your confessions, but a bartender will do, too.

Apparently, animals know the feeling too. After a hard day of running around, playing, chasing flies, scratching furniture, cuddling and napping these two kittens got together at a bar to wind down.

After a few drinks, one of them decided to share the deepest secret with his friend. A little bit tipsy, talking with their Irish accent, it’s a recipe for hilarity.

The authors of this commercial have assured us that no kittens were harmed in the making of this video.

Just remember. Say NO to drunk chasing laser pointers.

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