Watch Stewie the Caracal Cuddling Up to His Favorite Human. Cuteness Overload!


The facial features of caracals are close to those of the house cat, and yet they are wild animals by nature. Their elongated ears are so prominent that they are considered to be one of the feline’s most significant traits, and you also have to notice the black and white mascara around their eyes.

This allows the animals to go hunting day and night, and you will be even more impressed when you find out that the white reflects light from stars and the moon so they can see better at night and the black absorbs light of the day to reduce the glare so they can hunt better in the day. The behavior of socialized caracals resembles that of a house cat as well, but there are some individuals that are friendlier than the others.

This is another trait that makes the caracals so popular among the animal lovers. Caracals are probably the most domesticated species if we are talking about those, living in Africa, and judging by the video below, they are very laid-back with humans. Stewie befriends Dolph Volker on the spot, and we think that this may be one of the most amazing examples of bonding we have ever seen.

The man is a certified animal expert and a zoologist with a degree. He is studying the behavior of the felines on a daily basis, and he believes that you can make a difference in the world if you are hard-working enough. Dolph has become a popular figure on the social media, and when he was invited to meet a pair of caracals in South Africa, he immediately agreed.

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