Wild Fox Wanders Into Snowy Backyard And Keeps Himself Entertained For Hours With Old Dog Toys


When I think of foxes, I think of sly, intelligent wild animals that I should be afraid of.

Foxes are strong and fast, and could definitely outrun me. I wouldn’t want to make one angry and end up in a footrace with them.

But while foxes might appear scary and dangerous, one dog owner seems to have captured their playful side.

According to ViralHog, the video below was taken in Levittown, Pennsylvania. The picturesque snowy backyard in the video belongs to a dog owner who left their pup’s toys outside, and wasn’t about to go back in that weather to pick them up.

The dog may have missed the toys inside, but someone outside was delighted to find them.

A wild fox wandered into the snowy backyard, probably looking for a snack or a place to rest. Instead, he found the abandoned dog toys.

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