When Winnie The Cute Kitten Starts Hearing His Favorite Song… Watch Out!


Who says cats have no sense of rhythm and the dancers are bad? Some Pets are very talented and just created for the big stage. The hero of the next movie – a little kitten named Winnie, who knows how to move well enough for the song Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ — Uptown Funk.

This pet is dancing perfectly in time to the music. This fascinating kitten needs to see everything! “Do cats love music and can they understand it?” A question often asked by cat lovers. Often cat owners say that their cats are well versed in music and even have their favorite composers, performers or musical styles, based on which the conclusion is that cats are very musical animals.

Without denying that some representatives of these animals can vary by more developed senses than others, yet we have to admit that such loud statements like “my cat loves best of Mozart”, the reason yet.

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