Woman Asked Her Cat: Where Are the Baby Kittens?


The woman decided to call the kittens, see what came of it. What nicknames did not come up with owners for your Pets. In the same house often peacefully coexist noble Prince blue blood and simple Cat. The other owner would own a ridiculous and lazy Loaf, an important Bucks or a nice Morocco. But all of them traditionally respond to the banal “Kitty”.

So why our Pets are so attracted by this combination of sounds? Study of numerous domestic and foreign scientific research on cat behavior, does not answer this question. Apparently, scientists question about how, why cats respond on those or other sounds, until now not are interested.

In nature, there is no universal sound, which would respond cats in all countries and on all continents. The only thing that unites the cat tribe worldwide, is a cautious perception of any hissing and whistling sounds. Perhaps they remind them of the rustling of leaves or the rustle of grass, which hid the loot, and maybe an unfriendly hiss of another cat.

Some animals want to find out the source of the sound and are interested in looking in his direction, while others remain completely indifferent. Actually it all depends on habit, because we traditionally teach their Pets to certain sounds until they learn to understand his nickname.