Woman Found Abandoned Newborn Kittens Crying For Help On The Beach


Small kittens just few days old were abandoned on the beach. In the first weeks of life the kitten care should be taken to solve the following priority tasks: feeding, warmth, social skills and training yourself to pee and poop.

In most cases, people can just watch their favorite a mother cat carries out its duties. However, if the kittens are in your care, was for some reason separated from the mother, if the cat rejected them or she did not have enough milk to feed their offspring, to care for the kids you’ll have.

However, if you have newborn kittens who’ve been separated from their mother, consult your veterinarian, the owners of the shelters or kennels, with all who can help you find new breastfeeding mom-a cat with young kittens, which will be able to assist you and for the kittens-orphans.