Woman Hands Mama Cat Abandoned Chihuahua Babies, Doesn’t Expect Her To Care For Them As Her Own


Cat Keith became the foster mother of four Chihuahua, after they were found in an old Shoe box. Abandoned Chihuahua puppies found left in a Shoe box. In an attempt to save the life of little newborn puppies, veterinarians decided to try to feed them with cats. As Keith recently fed their own kittens, she was able to feed the puppies her milk. Fortunately, all has managed!

However, the survival of the puppies, veterinarians can not say yet, as it is unknown how long they remained without food and water. But the chances of a favorable outcome are! A lot of amazing things happen in the animal world. At the time, as people diligently kill each other, all by hook or by crook conquering new territory, animals save other animals in trouble.

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