Woman kicks snow in stray cats face


Sometimes, people get exactly what they deserve. And when you decide you’re going to piss off a stray cat, you better be prepared for what’s to come next.

The woman left her front yard to confront the feline, who was pestering her dog and causing it to whimper.

The woman decided the best thing for her to do was kick snow onto the cat in an attempt to get it away from her property.

After three or four attempts of shoveling snow onto the cat with her boot, the cat makes a motion to let the woman know enough is enough.

Not taking heed to this warning, the woman’s pride kicks in, and she leans down and points at the cat.

This is when the cat springs into action, unleashing a fury of paws on the woman’s face, scratching away until she retreats into the house.

Some people can be so cruel, but it’s amazing how karma can really give rude humans exactly what they deserve! And This is one cat you don’t want to mess with!