Women gives cat a teddy bear to snuggle with


This cute tiny kitten named Misha loves stuffed toys! He will carry them or attack them all over the house. In this cute video, he hugs his favorite Teddy bear. The kitten has a tiny blanket and a small pillow and is ready to go to sleep. I can watch this video all day long. He looks like a little baby in bed with a Teddy bear. This video is proof that kittens are very similar to human children. They want to play with soft toys.

It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful video about kittens. You should see it for yourself. Curiosity and desire to play – is an indicator of well-being cats. No matter how plush your cat is, first of all, by nature, he is a real hunter. And in terms of domestic content games are for cats imitation of hunting, but also a way of maintaining good physical shape.

The activity of the pet depends on his temperament. Many cats are ready to run around the apartment around the clock, while others with great pleasure bask on the couch. But even if your cat is a born phlegmatic, he will never give up his favorite game. And this desire should be encouraged. Games for cats-is not only an interesting leisure and physical activity, but also intellectual development, and a way to deal with stress.

Also, it is useful to mention that exciting toys have saved a lot of furniture and Wallpaper from sharp claws bored Pets. Many of the problems with cat behavior is often solved just by means of fascinating toys.