Women Starts Petting Fuzzy Rescue Lynx Cat, But Then He Realizes It And Responds Back To Her Act Of Love


The woman took a Maine Coon kitten at the age of 12 weeks four years ago. In the year Omar already weighed ten pounds, but Stephiebelieves that her cat is still growing.

After the appearance of the animal in the social networks, to the owner asked the representatives of the Guinness Book of records with a request to send them the parameters of the animal. Yet the longest cat is considered to be 118-inch Maine Coon from the English of Yorkshire.

According to Stephie, Max has a calm temper, he likes to hide in small places, and for dinner prefers kangaroo. However due to the custom size cat can’t sleep in the same bed with the owners.

– He sleeps on the couch because he takes up too much space on the bed and demands that we hug him and stroke him all night.

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