3 Yr Old Went Missing From Home


It was a cold February evening, and to the apprehension of one particular family, their three year old girl had gone missing from home. The little kid, Victoria, had somehow managed to wander almost a mile’s distance from her place. Her family and other relatives started worrying and getting nervous. They were shattered when they didn’t find a single clue regarding the girl, even after a few hours of looking. So they called for search and rescue, but what they discovered left them in shock.

The search and rescue teams explored the surrounding area for 15 long hours. Thankfully, a helicopter spotted the little girl somewhere in the woods behind her house. The poor thing was lying in a dry creek bed, and they could see the family dog, Blue, right beside her.

The incredible pooch had stayed with Victoria all night and had kept her warm in the cold temperature. If it wasn’t for him, she might have even lost her life.

Victoria was finally brought back to safety. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Blue actually saved Victoria! He is a hero, isn’t he? Dogs are incredible creatures and they sometimes even risk their own life for the sake of their loved ones. Blue is the perfect example. Check out this story in the video below and be sure to share your thoughts about it in the comments section!