5 Huskies In Jacuzzi Patiently Waiting For The First Bath


Husky loves water. It’s just a nice video. As many as 5 puppies of Husky. She loves water, tries to dive and swim in every pond or even in a puddle, even if it is very cold. Do not mind to cool in hot weather, no more. Swim only if there is an incentive: hostess, the ducks, thrown into the water a stick.

Loves to bathe-splashing around in puddles, ponds, rivers, but swim does not like. Does not like wet weather, trying to avoid the puddles. Can not tolerate any water, I’m not husky and a cat! Other (write details in comments). Into the water to get likes, but not to swim. It’s all about huskies. The Siberian husky is a cautious and attentive dog, but not too suspicious of strangers and aggressive towards other dogs.

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