6-Year-Old Boy Reads To Dogs At Shelter So They Don’t Feel So Lonely


Jacob is six years old and struggles with autism. However, this little guy isn’t letting anything stop him from making a difference in this world. He takes time out of his day to come to Saving Carson Shelter Dogs where his aunt works. He sits outside of the dog’s cages and reads them his favorite books. When asked why he does this, the little boy simply said that he doesn’t want the animals to feel lonely.

It is common for a dog at a shelter to feel completely detached from normal family life. So when anyone is willing to come and spend time with them, it really does enhance their lives immensely. Jacob has a big heart and despite his own limitations, he is using his time to better the existence of these animals as they wait to be adopted into a loving home.

These interactions, on what the shelter calls “Therapy Thursdays”, are actually quite helpful. These animals really do need constant human interaction to help them stay adjusted for becoming pets in a home environment with a family. And of course, every living thing truly needs love and care to thrive and stay healthy, mentally and physically.

Sweet Jacob is holding out hope that every dog he spends time with will soon find their forever home. This video showcases an admirable young man who is genuinely making a difference by showing care for those in need, albeit rescued dogs. We are proud of you, Jacob!