A Puppy Is Having A Nightmare


The puppies were sleeping, but one was an absolute nightmare. That made him a little one is incredibly cute! Everyone has dreams. And animals, even at such a young age-is no exception. So what happened to our heroes: 4 tiny puppy slept peacefully on his favorite blanket.

As suddenly, one of them, had a dream something bad. He whined and started twitching. Lying next to the puppy, unusual colors, felt it, decided to help the brother. When the dog is in sleep, twitching of the paws, if she is chasing the cat? “Probably Yes,” scientists say. Scientific evidence suggests that dogs not only dream, but they seem to dream exactly what they were doing while awake, just as humans do.

“Dogs sleep more people, and generally they do like to NAP,” says Stanley Coren, Professor Emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia. But their dream seems remarkably similar to a human: just like people dogs have cycles of wakefulness, REM sleep (sleep with rapid eye movement) and sleep without rapid eye movements.

People see dreams in the phase of fast and slow sleep, but those dreams that we remember, we see in the phase of fast sleep. The fact that rats can dream is a good indication that dreams are characteristic of mammals. In fact, slow sleep is in all vertebrates and may even be detected in some invertebrates, such as fruit flies. ”So even flies can dream in one form or another, ” Wilson said.