A Puppy Video


The puppy catches the purple bone. But it’s not very likely to balance, it turns out that falls. Dogs have all the senses available to humans, but their development and accordingly the determining role in life is much different from ours.

The sense of smell of a dog the basis of its perception of the world. About the possibilities of smell of dogs is evidenced by the ability of setter something unique over 40 steps and over sitting in the grass snipe weighing just 120 grams.

When the dog can distinguish the smell of it game from the smell of other bird species responds differently to the smell of the bird or left its traces.

And it is not only the subtleties of the perception of odors, but also about the remarkable features of the nervous system of the dog for sampling and analysis of olfactory stimuli.

Hunters otters or mink affect the ability of huskies or otterhounds to determine which way sailed their prey, grabbing with his wonderful nose smells, brought to the shore by streams of water, washed of the beast…

Equally impressive are the feats of the famous bloodhounds, able to work on the daily trail of the beast and the man, or the dogs of the customs service, who are able to detect drugs in the most ingenious packages.