Abandoned By 5 Different Families, Deaf Dog Meets Loving Mom Who Teaches Him Sign Language


Meet Ivor. This 10 month old Staffordshire puppy’s life started rough. Since he is deaf, he was abandoned by five families before finally reaching the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Ivor had trust issues, but the RSPCA staff gave him lots of love and attention, thus turning him into the sweetest pup.

Ivor was soon adopted by a woman called Ellie Bromilow. She fell in love with him in spite of his deafness. “He’d already learned the sign command for ‘sit’ and ‘come’ from the staff at the RSPCA center, but now he knows lots more like ‘lie down’, ‘stay’, ‘all gone’ and he’s learning ‘roll over’,” she said.

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