Adorable Boxer Puppy Gets Confused When Hears Mommy’s Voice on the Phone. Watch.


This confused Boxer puppy is everything you need in your day. He wants to be closer to his mom, but all of a sudden, the lady starts talking on the phone. The pooch is seriously confused, because he doesn’t understand where the sound is coming from, and we think that he is stunned by the machine that is displayed right in front of him.

According to the animal experts, the pets are confronted with many new experiences as they grow up, and their owners should be able to help them understand what this is all about. The dog realizes that there are voices coming out of the phone, but he can’t comprehend the purpose of the object, that’s why he keeps tilting his head to the side as if to hear the sound better.

The conversation that is going on right in front of him is no less puzzling. Perhaps, he can guess that the owner is talking to someone and exchanging information, but the whole concept of the phone and the people using it remains unknown to the pooch. You will be stunned when you see the number of positive comments on the media.

People know that the animal tapes have a charm of their own, that’s why they try not to miss the footages with the pups as soon as they see them in their news feed, scrolling through the information of the day. The Boxer below is the example of cuteness that you just can’t ignore, and you have to watch his expression when the phone comes out.

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