Animal control asks public to help them find man hurting helpless dog in the street


While some of us treat out pets as a part of our family, there are those that view them as being nothing but disposable pieces of property. Many animals are subjected to terrible treatment on a daily basis all over the world. People in Fresno are now being asked to help Humane Animal Control find a man who has been blamed for abusing an innocent dog.

If you live around the area and you recognize him, don’t hesitate to contact Humane Animal Control at 559-600-7387. They are standing by at all times, waiting to hear from the public.

This heartless guy was seen dragging a dog by the leash in the streets. Witnesses claim they were able to hear the animal crying out in pain as a result.

This happened in downtown Fresno. We cannot even imagine how that guy had the guts to do something like that in full view of the general public. Conducts like these should not be accepted. Hopefully, this man will be prosecuted and will get what he deserves.

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