Baby Creeps Up To Husky To Say Hello


Raising your kids around pets can be amazing ways for them to grow and develop into better human beings. This adorable baby and husky duo will prove that point perfectly.

The combination of babies and dogs go together as well as fish and chips, they make a truly great pairing. If you don’t believe me, we have the cutest clip to show you that will change your minds for definite!

This baby and husky loving combo will warm even the chilliest of hearts
Siberian Husky dogs are known for their loving nature and that is all the more evident when you see one playing with an adorable 7-month-old baby. The two look like best of friends and you can tell this dog loves protecting his tiny human friend.

This tiny baby loves hugging and cuddling up to this gentle giant. What makes it all the more special is how loving and friendly the dog seems to be in the moment.

You can see how the husky doesn’t want to hurt the baby and instead lets the baby curiously play and touch without reacting. Even when the baby gets a little pokey.

At one precious moment, the dog manages to roll its body around so the baby is on top for a hug. Please, can somebody get me a husky dog now!