Baby Elephant Abandoned By His Herd


Elephants are very socially driven animals and their lives in many ways depend on the herd which they are part of. If they get abandoned or separated from the family, very often that can have serious and life-threatening consequences.

Baby elephant, named Ellie, had been rejected by his herd when he arrived at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa. Since he had dangerous health issues the caretakers were very concerned for his life.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just his body that was ailing, the abandonment had left grave psychological consequences, he was depressed and lethargic, but only days since Ellie arrived everything changed.

He met Duma, a former service and sniffer dog and to everyone’s surprise it looked as if it was a match made in heaven. With his playful and caring personality, Duma led Ellie to his full recovery, becoming the best protector a little elephant could ever have.

You can watch their heartwarming story in the video below.

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